)Research articles will be posted here.

Research-Based Practices for Creating Access to the General Curriculum in Reading for Students with Significant Disacilities. (CLDS-UNC...Erickson, Hatcher, Hatch, Sanders, 2009)
- Data Supporting the Four Blocks Framework
Patricia M. Cunningham & Dorothy P. Hall
In Press, 2002

- Research on the components of a Comprehensive Reading and Writing Instructional Program
Patricia M. Cunningham, Wake Forest University
James W. Cunningham, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Richard L. Allington, University of Florida

(DRAFT September 11, 2002)

- article by Karen Erickson that talks about the 5 Steps to Comprehension lessons.

article by Erickson/Hanser on Shared Reading.

Musselwhite, Erickson...Don Johnston Incorported...Beginning Literacy Framework