Before, During, After Reading Strategies
What do other students do when you are busy with the reading group?.
What goes on before, during, after reading.
Literacy levels to determine where, and what to do on each level
(Don Johnston- Erickson/Musslewhite)
Literacy levels (Conventional children)
Erickson's article on Comprehension
From FCRR...Differentiated Reading Instruction: Small group Alternative Lesson Structures for All Students
Updated Guided Reading Powerpoint Into the Book is a great website for K-5 teachers. It is reading comprehension resource. It is fun and helps teach children reading strategies through songs/lyrics. It focuses on the eight research-based reading strategies: using prior knowledge, making connections, questioning, visualizing, inferring, summarizing, evaluating and synthesizing. I have used it in trainings to facilitate a sense of “passion” and enthusiasm to sometimes teaching reading strategies which may not always be fun for kids. It also includes “behind the lessons” which provides lesson plan, video clips, ideas and links as well as graphic organizers to help implement the “gradual release of responsibility” to students.