Great websites to explore
PowerPoint for Working with Words
Contains information on the Personalized Key Word Strategy
All types of activities to do in this block
Chants and Cheers for word wall activities
All the on the back and chants etc. very organized on cards.
The most common 37 rimes from which to build words and word examples for each
How to use the 37 rimes with lesson ideas
Information on teaching alphabet and alphabet book list Scroll down a bit under the stop sign for link to environmental print ideas. can print the environmental print cards and suggestions for games. Go to this link for tons of ideas but especially their BRAND NAME PHONICS CARDS

For older students...50 words with contain common roots, prefixes and suffixes. Learn these and students will be able to generalize the patterns to other words.

1st hundred, 2nd hundred etc.

Creative uses for the word lists.

PowerPoint of Systematic Sequential Phonics workshop

individual 1st grade words for word wall folder

ABC letters to head word wall (large)

ABC letters to head word wall (small)